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We hope all of you are safe and staying up strong.“The first night was the worst night of the 17-day quarantine period because I was isolated with my father.” ~ A Recovered Warrior.

Getting tested positive for Covid-19 is indeed very stressful. It surprises some while triggers stress in others. During these tough times, many of us find hard to keep up and desperately waiting for the ‘good old days’ to come back. Therefore to help you finding the right information at the right place from the actual experiences of Covid-19 recovered patients SFC Foundations-Chandigarh presents before you its latest initiative

 “The Covid Survivors Stories: #TheRecoveredWarriors”.

It’s a series in which Covid recovered patients will be sharing their experiences with an aim to empower and educate all those who are in despair. The objective is to provide an overview on the- immediate need, challenges, experiences and lessons learnt as the “Recovered Warriors” put in place new approaches coping with the virus that locked them up in a room, brought bodily changes and affected relaionships.

The times are hard and the world wants us to be resilient. We have to be strong and courageous for ourselves, for our families and for our community too. Hence, “The Covid Survivor Stories” is here to help you with that. 
We’d like to urge y’all to ask any friend, relative or neighbor, who has survived Covid 19, to share their stories of recovery.

Kindly, do not hesitate to share their Contact information with:

• Ankita Marya (Joint Secretary): +91 9814321755

• Priyanka Sharma (Project Gyan Head): +91 81968 51660

Our team will reach out to them for further proceedings.
Let their stories give us hope.

Hope is the last thing ever lost.
For further queries feel free to reach at:

Stay safe and take care

~SFC Foundations-CHD