They say God is everywhere but to do his work he sends few of us who feel more, do more and want to keep doing more for those who need us! SFC Foundations, Jaipur is proud to continue the educate to alleviate campaign in which we teach and nurture the underprivileged children of the nearby area of Sobha Nagar, Jaipur. The eager and keen eyes of the children filled with hope, wishes and a thirst for knowledge was the main pull which dragged the entire group of people at Jaipur to come together and do something for these pure souls. These children although, initially were wary of our intentions yet upon regular visits they became so used to greeting us that it wasn’t long before they started to wait for us! As a responsible group of young adults each of us visit them at least twice on every alternative day of a week to help them brush up not only their educational skills but also certain creative skills, like, art, singing, dancing etc. All these children need crave not only knowledge and attention but also care and love, thus we at SFC Jaipur are sincerely and tediously working for benefitting these children by teaching them as much as we can.

The symbol which each child uses to indicate themselves is a STAR. Each one of them is a star of their own and we just want these stars to find their true path.