Sarbjeet Kaur

The beautiful author Ruth Gordan is the source of this quotation. For decades, the definition of courage has been up for debate. According to Aristotle, there is a fine line between behaving foolishly and also being overconfident in the midst of a damaging or vulnerable position. Each of us must work towards acquiring the trait of courage.  Being courageous is a quality that we must all strive for and cultivate. Every small or large decision a person makes in daily life requires guts. As it is said, a person can get more courage and strength in the same manner that they can develop and strengthen a muscle with consistent efforts and training.  It’s challenging to acquire and live a life of constant courage. Several situations, feelings, and aspects of life can leave us feeling lost, down, nervous, depressed, or unable to carry out even basic daily tasks. When someone looses a loved one and are aware of the fact that they will never see them again or have a conversation with them,    overcoming such pain and going through all of these phases and moods is quite challenging. It is difficult to be courageous in this situation, but one should constantly remind themselves that courage is a quality that develops with practice. To be courageous, one must maintain their composure and ease when faced with challenging situations. The human mind is the most magnificent machine there is; one can direct and manage it in any circumstance or way they choose.

Although it’s difficult to walk on this path of being fearless, calm, and courageous. But still, if someone is effective at controlling their thoughts, they will be able to handle any challenging circumstances in life with ease. A person can train their brain to stay calm and peaceful in a similar way they can train their body to be in perfect shape by rigorous exercises and following a strict diet. However, developing this trait is not going to be simple, but it is also not impossible. Although it is difficult for body trainers to teach and train every muscle in the human body, there are a lot of body builders who are well-known all over the world because they can create stronger muscles. One should learn to be fearless in every circumstance in the same way. By continuing in this manner, a person can accomplish significant life goals, strengthen their gut instincts, reach greater heights in their job and in personal life, and do so with more wisdom and confidence. Simply adhere to this rule, develop courage, and be courageous.