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On the occasion of World Food Safety Day


 #CookMood challenge

If you want to Eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved – Bono  Wondering how you can help the needy people around by contributing in the best possible way? 
Don’t worry we’ve got your backs covered and are here with this wonderful event which not only feeds the people but also shows them that they aren’t alone in this!

What’s better than cooking a meal and serving them yourself? Doesn’t that sound so  great and it gives a great level of satisfaction guys!Here’s presenting you the 
“#CookMood Challenge”
How can you be a part of this wonderful event and put forward yourselves for being a part of this amazing opportunity?
Rules and Regulations

1) You have to prepare the food all by yourselves (a little help is allowed if it’s a child doing it or if you have any problem)
2) Do record the entire preparation and also the end result video/pictures should be included while you are serving it to the needy.
Let us know through your video how you felt while sharing the food or when you were preparing , anything new you learned? 
 PERKS1) E-certificate will be provided to the participants after the completion of the task.
3)  Also, you’ll get a chance to be featured on our social media handle.
Please note- The time limit of the video should not exceed more than 4 minutes or else you’ll be disqualified.
There is “NO AGE LIMIT”Anyone from anywhere across the world can participate.So, come on guys, let’s do something for real and bring a change!!

The last day of submission- 9th June 2021 Timing – 11:59pm

Registration link


Where to submitSend video on the given

Contact number

Komal Shah- 79000 03768         

ORVinita ubbu – 97023 98032 

Looking forward to seeing you all!


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