Challenge Date: 12/6/2021

Number of participants: 08


1) To feed the less fortunate.

2) To motivate people to cook and help the needy.

3) To create awareness about the importance of  food.

4) To create a sense of belongingness and  affection towards people.

You have two hands, one to help yourself and the  other to help others.

Keeping this in mind SFC Foundations Mumbai  Unit came up with #COOKMOOD CHALLENGE  with 8 participants who cooked food and helped  

the needy as a notion of affection. People from all  walks of life came forward and participated. Few of  the participants shared their point of view “ Great  opportunity for me to serve people and really

enjoyed the same. Moreover got chance to learn  cooking too. So overall a memorable experience” So through this we could reach out to people and  help them in time of crisis.