Pardeep Kumar 

This quote by Rabindranath Tagore signifies much more than a piece of simple gardening advice. He was a forward-thinking poet who recognized and challenged the exploitation of women. Women have been subject to oppression and discrimination for centuries. Unfortunately, women around the world are still being discriminated against and treated unfairly despite the progress that has been made. These old-fashioned hardships and customs have been passed down from generation to generation and continue to affect the lives of far too many women. Despite the progress that has been made in terms of women’s rights, there are still many instances of injustice and inequality in modern society.

The phrase “By plucking her petals you do not gather the beauty of the flower” is a reminder that women should be treated with respect and dignity, not as objects to be manipulated or controlled. It is an expression of solidarity for women who are struggling against oppressive forces, and a call to action for those who can provide support. This phrase also serves as a powerful reminder that despite all the obstacles women face, they remain strong and resilient. Women’s empowerment is essential to create a more just and equitable society for all people.

Several common discriminatory practices encountered by women include lack of access to education, sexual harassment, domestic violence, child marriage, wage discrimination, and lack of employment opportunities. These evils originate from an orthodox mentality that refuses to see women as an equal part of modern society where gender roles are prevalent. Individuals should be determined by their capabilities and potential rather than their gender and traditional roles in society.

Some measures that can be taken to combat the oppression of women are increasing awareness of this misconduct; taking a stand and taking needful actions to address visible acts of sexism, discrimination, and harassment; to promote a safe space and an environment without judgment for women and being empathetic and supportive of women experiencing these challenges.

A quote from famous activist Rosa Parks accurately depicts the importance of women’s empowerment “Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground