SFC Foundations Delhi organized “Buddha: The Enlightening Path”, an activity on the occasion of Buddha Purnima on 26th May, 2021. The aim of the activity was to give all participants a means to combat the colossal amplification of temporariness, uncertainty, and chaos in their lives brought about by stressful times and to allow the teachings of Buddha to seep into the masses.

In this activity, participants had the opportunity to pick one quote said by Buddha and elaborate on its meaning and significance in their lives. Alternatively, they could draw the symbols of Buddhism and explain their significance. An outpouring of entries was seen with a total of 40 entries for this activity. Buddha and his teachings are a very powerful source of enlightenment in life.

The name Buddha means the awakened one or the enlightened one and through this activity volunteers and participants were able to embrace his teachings in their lives and take a step towards a more meaningful and resourceful life.

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