Bliss To Oneself

(Indradhanush Event : Day – 1)

Activity storyboard

SFC foundation- Chandigarh had organised this activity to motivate the participants to do anything that makes them happy. In this activity the participants could draw, sing etc.. Anything that gives them happiness. 


April 5, 2021

Key highlights of the activity

We received excellent response with great enthusiasm and zeal from the participants. Some of them drew, some grew saplings and many more. At the end of this activity the participants realised the real happiness of being happy and doing what you like.

Learnings/Takeaways from the activity

Day 1 has taught the participants that we human beings all have got different hobbies and those hobbies and ment to keep us happy. It is really important for us to be happy as only then can we make our loved ones happy.