” Give them seeds so that they may live.”

We can make a world of difference with one bird feeder at a time.
Under this activity our team of volunteers were told to make a handmade bird feeder at home to Make the Most of their Feeding. They were taught to make a bird feeder via recycling and reusable material present there in their homes.

They were taught to:
1.Clean and sterilize bird feeders regularly to avoid spreading diseases among the individuals of your backyard flock, and always be sure feeders are in good repair.
2.Choose different bird feeder designs to accommodate birds’ feeding preferences, and take steps to accustom birds to each new feeder you introduce.
3.Take additional steps to create bird-friendly landscaping and protect backyard birds from cats and other predators so they will feel welcome and secure in your yard.

We believe that by understanding the benefits of feeding birds and taking steps to appreciate all those benefits, backyard birders can thoroughly enjoy every bird they feed.

The satisfaction of feeding birds and animals is just amazing even if it is only a bite you can give them.