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Be a Trailblazer: Build your own Path

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

For most of us, the above mentioned quote is an overstatement when things come to practical life. But, why so? Why being a trailblazer is so strenuous? What stops us from following our hearts, our passion, to create our own path and walk on that? Why the maximum of us choose to simply follow the crowd for all our lives?

There can be two prominent reasons for this. Firstly, the way a person is naturally. Her internal motivation and passion towards the things, she loves to do. People are so scared to confess that they want to achieve something big in the field, of their interest. They have some unknown fear that stops them from following their passion. But when we talk about the second reason, this fear gets an identity, it can be anything, peer pressure, parental expectations, cut-throat competition and so on. Basically, the external factors. We are highly influenced and affected by the way our society works. And Indian society, in no way, is helping her youth to come out of the box. Here, when a child tells his parents that he wants to become an artist, the parents shun the idea like a joke, telling him to focus on his studies and continue that side by side as a mere hobby. By imposing their mentality of seeking a high-paid or so called “lucrative” job, they just don’t strangulate his passion, but also kill a future trailblazer. And, for all his life, the child has to tread a path forcefully just like thousands of other kids. Every day we lose a Picasso, a Shakespeare owing to our herd mentality, that pushes our youth in a highly competitive and stressful environment in order to get the most preferred jobs of doctors and engineers.

Some might argue that it’s impossible to transform our society in such a drastic way. We need to understand that “we” are the society. We are the ones who can stop this “bhed-chaal” and set up a completely new trend. The most basic step towards that trend would be to stop comparing! There is no comparison between sun and moon. They shine when it’s their time. Similarly, every child is unique. And, even if we can’t change the society, does that mean we should stop dreaming? Before finding SpaceX, Elon musk’s vision was crushed several times, he was even spat on by some designer and was insulted for being a novice. So, when you look around, you find certain things common in almost every successful personality and those things are their high pain threshold and their risk-taking abilities. Some think that it is impractical to take risks when things are as important as choosing one’s career. But it’s not true. Being in your 20’s, being young enough that you can sustain ourself even with the minimal resources, instead of fearing failure, we should be trying hard to achieve what we aspire for. Do what you love and you will do your best work, but remember…”your inner trailblazer needs Confidence- remember with a capital C”.

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