SFC Delhi organized “Art for Awareness”. This event was divided in two halves and was conducted by SFC-Delhi from 22nd January to 28th January, 2021

First half of this event asked for spreading awareness around mental health and radiate positivity through various artistic ways. This was to spread awareness about mental health, as during the lockdown there was a noticeable increase in the stress and anxiety of people. We received around 50 amazing responses in the form of essays, poems, stories, posters, doodling etc.

In second half of this event, we tried to spread awareness through role-playing on the social issues among teenagers (either skit via zoom calls/ video calls or individual video). We used skit performances as a medium to spread awareness on some of the social issues we commonly see around us but unnoticeably pass through them. We received 40 entries and all of them performed enthusiastically to lift others by their words of awareness. Each topic had its own aspects of outcome and we were overwhelmed by the responses.