SFC Foundations- CHD conducted a three days training programme on Self-Defense in collaboration with Chandigarh Police to make the youth realize the importance of Self Protection in highly uncertain times. The programme was held from 22nd to 24th October, 2020 via Zoom app, under the guidance of Mr Sanjay, Incharge of Swayam Team Chandigarh. 
Mr Sanjay initiated the programme with the Self-Defense theory, following which he took questions from more then 100 participants of the programme. The consequent days were full of practical experience, consisting of exercises, defense & attack techniques and hacks, griping & holding techniques in Martial Arts and Karate. All the participants were made to practice these techniques with their peers at their homes, which was thoroughly checked by Mr Sanjay along with the team.The participants were also awared about safety tools like “pepper spray and knife”. Finally towards the end Mr Sanjay in a demonstration with his daughter showed specific defense techniques of Fist Punch, Wrist hit, weak & strong points, and various attacks of finger, knee, kick, and groin.
We strongly believe that, as long as there is life and a society, the need for self defense will always be present. As long as you’re alive, your need to defend yourself and your life never ends.