Saanjhi Holi ~ Sang Laaye Rang

SFC Delhi launched “साँझी होली ~संग लाए रंग।।” campaign, duration of the campaign was from 26/03/2021 to 03/04/2021. Aim of the campaign was to spread happiness and generosity, and splash colours of kindness on the festival of holi. Holi is time to show affection and to reach out to others with the colours of joy and happiness. Participants had to celebrate holi by being kind, visiting someone living alone, or orphanage/old age homes. They had to spare some time for homeless people around them and share their joy with them by sharing some sweets or snacks. Participants had to send candid snaps of their beautiful kind holi celebration. We received around 40 entries for the same, participants were from the SFC team and outside team and everyone participated beautifully with empathy and compassion.